Introducing Speed

I am a slow runner. By that, I mean that my leg speed is slower than the average person. This week I’ll be focusing on increasing my cadence (the speed I move my legs).

In all of my runs this week (and from this point on) I will be doing speed bursts where I focus on seeing how fast I can move my legs as I run – whilst maintaining a 3/2 breathing rhythm.

The way I do this is with an app on my phone that measures cadence. All the running apps do this and I find it is most accurate if I hold the phone in my hand as I run and occasionally glance at it during each burst. This gives me a mark that I can aim to reach or maintain.

speedo iconAnother way to increase your cadence is to use music, but it is important that you choose the right music. If you are going to use music to enhance your speed, it is important to run to the right beat. The wrong music can actually stuff up your running rhythm.

If you are planning to increase your cadence, I recommend aiming to speed up by no more than 5% at a time. Once your body gets used to a new cadence, I suggest trying to take it up another 5%.

Here are the programs for this week:

Beginner & Intermediate weekly routine (total 24 km)

The objective this week is again to continue to slowly build on your endurance whilst maintaining a focus on your running technique.

If you are feeling any pain, remember that pain is a good thing, it is telling you something is wrong, so if you feel pain, listen to your body and try to take corrective action. This may mean taking a rest until it heals or it may mean doing a different exercise for a while.

Note that on Wednesday we are doing a ‘Time Trial’. This is a fast session to establish your fitness level and give us a ‘best performance benchmark’ to improve upon.

  • Sunday: Easy run 9 km
  • Monday: Recovery run 5 km
  • Tuesday: Gym session focusing on strengthening the legs and the core
  • Wednesday: Time Trial 5km
  • Thursday: Easy 5 km jog
  • Friday: Recovery day
  • Saturday: Let the legs recover legs fully. Do an upper body strength gym session

Alternate PB weekly routine (total 24.6 km)

This weekly program introduces four Cross Fit gym sessions. Two days pw with both AM and PM sessions and one full rest day and one Time Trial run.

Note: I have put the two days with two training sessions as (AM) and (PM), you can swap the entire program around but be mindful that if you just swap the (AM) and (PM) sessions on one day that you may be tired fronting up to the next day’s session.

  • Sunday: Easy run 10 km
  • Monday: (AM) 20min Cross Fit Gym session (PM) Intervals 400×3, 200×2
  • Tuesday: (AM) 20min Cross Fit Gym session
  • Wednesday: Time Trial 5km
  • Thursday: Hills 2km warmup then 4km up and down hills then 2km jog.
  • Friday: Recovery day
  • Saturday: (AM) 20min Cross Fit Gym session

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