After a few weeks of sticking to your routine, you have probably begun to notice a number of small changes in yourself; in your weight, your level of fitness and your general state of being.

Sure, the runs get faster, longer and harder, but I find that the hardest part is actually getting up and regularly donning my gear then getting outside and doing the exercise.

I’ve always found that the winter is the easiest time to slacken off on a fitness routine. Perhaps it is because I’ve almost always lived in an area where we are in below zero temperatures most nights in the months leading up to the City2Surf (plus I tend to eat more when it is cold).

Heartbreak Hill is not the hardest part of the City2Surf, it’s all the runs you need to do in the months leading up to it. If you can get out and run regularly on these cold mornings, you have overcome your biggest obstacle.

With 8 weeks to go, this week we do slightly more running than in previous weeks, but again the main focus is on establishing and maintaining a routine that gets our bodies used to the regular activity.

Are you starting to lose a little bit of weight now?

If you have been following along with my training plan so far, you should be starting to lose a little bit of weight (unless you’ve been compensating by eating more!). If not, now is the time to have a close look at your diet.

A lot of the foods we take for granted and even some of the things we drink because we are told that they are ‘healthy’ such as fruit juice are not really that good for us. Wheat Bix may be very healthy, but how many people do you know that don’t pile sugar on them?

If you are like me and struggling with increasing your cadence, follow the links on last weeks schedule.

Beginner & Intermediate weekly routine (total 31km)

  • Sunday: Easy run 10 km
  • Monday: Recovery run 5 km
  • Tuesday: Recovery day.
  • Wednesday: Jog 8 km with 3 x 30 sec bursts with effort.
  • Thursday: Run 8 km on a hilly route
  • Friday: Recovery day.
  • Saturday: Let the legs recover legs fully. Do an upper body strength gym session

Alternate PB weekly routine (total 30.6 km)

Slightly more distance than last week but maintaining the core and leg strength work.

Notice the introduction of a bike or swim on Day 3. I recommend the bike or swim as there is a 7 km time trial on the following day, but the important thing is to work on either strength or aerobic capacity that doesn’t involve running.

  • Sunday: Easy run 12 km
  • Monday: (AM) 20min Cross Fit Gym session (PM) Intervals 1km warmup 400×3 and 200×2 + 1km cool down jog
  • Tuesday: (AM) 20min Cross Fit Gym session or bike or swim.
  • Wednesday: Time Trial 7km
  • Thursday: Hills 2km warmup then 4km up and down hills then 2km jog.
  • Friday: Recovery day
  • Saturday: (AM) 20min Cross Fit Gym session

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