Focus on improving your running cadence.

We are starting to get into the serious part of the program and it is time to step our effort up a notch. You don’t want to get too comfortable with jogging ‘day in and day out’ or your performance will plateau.

There are a lot of things you can do to improve your running, but without actually watching you train, I couldn’t guess at what is the most critical thing is for you. It may be that your feet turned in or out, or you are swinging your arms across your body in an odd way.

It is a good idea to ask a running coach to watch you run and try and iron out your technique as soon as possible. The longer you practice a bad habit, the harder it is to fix it.

Keep focusing on improving your cadence this week and try taking slightly longer strides by leaning further forward and stretching your legs backward rather than the more natural tendency of stretching your leading let out in front of you.
Focus on developing your core strength and gaining flexibility in your hip flexor muscles.

Beginner & Intermediate weekly routine (total 27 km)

  • Sunday: Easy 10 km run with 3 x 1 minute with maximum effort and high knee raises
  • Monday: Aerobic cross training or 5 km jog
  • Tuesday: No running but do a gym session focusing on your core.
  • Wednesday: Time trial 5km.
  • Thursday: Steady 7 km run
  • Friday: Recovery day
  • Saturday: Let the legs recover legs fully. Do an upper body strength gym session

Alternate PB weekly routine (total 29.8 km)

  • Monday: Easy run 12 km run with 3 x 2 minute with maximum effort.
  • Monday: (AM) 20min Cross Fit Gym session (PM) Intervals 1 km warmup 400×3 and 200×2 + 1 km cool down jog.
  • Tuesday: (AM) 20min Cross Fit Gym session or bike or swim.
  • Wednesday: Time Trial 7 km
  • Thursday: Easy running session with hills 7 km.
  • Friday: Recovery day
  • Saturday: (AM) 20min Cross Fit Gym session

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