Training is getting more difficult as we fight the Winter mornings – but this is where you will make the most gains because this is where most people begin to flounder.

Frankly, I think the hardest part of training for the Sydney City2Surf is getting out of a warm bed on a cold, dark Winter morning and going for a run. (Let alone the cravings for hot comfort food!)

So, with only six weeks to go, this week we will continue doing runs with increased focus on increasing our speed and performance.

If you are only just beginning your training, please take it easy and don’t try and push yourself past your limits.

One of the things I’ve noticed is that many people in the City2Surf take very shallow breaths when running. Your body needs more oxygen as you run but many people react by taking faster breaths. This will lead to oxygen depletion. We need to get the oxygen deep into the diaphragm, not high in the chest.

When you are running, just as in swimming, a good breathing rhythm is vitally important.

A common practice is to breath in a 3:2 ratio for comfortable running (that is, 3 steps inhale and 2 steps to exhale) and a 2:2 for running with effort and a 2:1 ratio for fast running.

This week practice a deep inhale into the diaphragm and a powerful exhale as you run. With each breath, you should focus on your stomach expanding more than your chest. If you are beginning to sound like a steam engine don’t worry, steam engines are very powerful.

Practice altering your breathing ratio and be aware of how your breathing rhythm effects your speed.


Beginner & Intermediate routine (total 28 km)

  • Sunday: Relaxed 14 km run (or walk/run) with focused breathing.
  • Monday: Aerobic recovery such as bike, rowing, swimming or a slow 3 km run.
  • Tuesday: Rest day
  • Wednesday: Jog 5 km with 3 x 2 minute speed bursts.
  • Thursday: Run 6 km on a hilly route
  • Friday: Recovery day.
  • Saturday: Let the legs recover legs fully. Do an upper body strength gym session

Alternate PB routine (total 31.6 km)

  • Sunday: Relaxed 14 km run with focused breathing.
  • Monday: (AM) 20min Cross Fit Gym session (PM) Intervals 1 km warmup 400×3 and 200×2 + 1 km cool down jog
  • Tuesday: Aerobic recovery such as bike, rowing, swimming or a slow 3 km jog
  • Wednesday: Run 7 km with 3 x 2 minute speed bursts.
  • Thursday: Hills 1.5 km warmup then 3 km up and down hills then 1.5 km jog.
  • Friday: Recovery day
  • Saturday: (AM) 20min Cross Fit Gym session

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