Kick Starting Your Training

With five weeks to go, it is time to put a big effort in and focus on increasing our stamina and speed.

If you’ve missed a few weeks or you’ve slackened off, it is time to refocus and reset your training goals.

So what can you do if you have either been slack with your training, been sick or simply just decided to train for the City2Surf today?

Unfortunately there is no magic solution, it will take hard work; but you can boost your training in the final weeks with this simple technique.

The trick is to do the same amount of training (or more) as you should be doing at this stage of the program, but you should do it in a manner that won’t cause undue physical stress or injury to a body that isn’t accustomed to the exercise.

The solution is to split your training sessions into shorter runs throughout the day. Simple isn’t it! The more running you can do and the more frequently you can do it, the fitter you will become.

We get just as much benefit from doing 3×10 min runs or 2×15 min runs within hours of each other as we do from 1x30min run. So if a 10 km run is scheduled, the idea is to do a 5 km run first thing in the morning and a 5 km at lunchtime (or any other combination of distances). This ‘tricks’ the body into thinking it is doing a 10 km run but gives you just enough time to recover between exercise.


Beginner & Intermediate weekly routine (total 29 km)

  • Sunday: Easy 13 km run
  • Monday: Aerobic recovery such as bike, rowing, swimming or a slow 5 km run.
  • Tuesday: Gym session focusing on the legs and core
  • Wednesday: Steady 4 km run.
  • Thursday: Run 7 km with 5 x 2 minute bursts
  • Friday: Recovery day
  • Saturday: Let the legs recover legs fully. Do an upper body strength gym session

Alternate PB weekly routine (total 31.6 km)

  • Sunday: Easy 13 km run
  • Monday: (AM) 20min Cross Fit Gym session (PM) Intervals 1km warmup 2x400m and 4x200m + 1km cool down jog
  • Tuesday: (AM) 20min Cross Fit Gym session or bike or swim.
  • Wednesday: Time Trial 7 km
  • Thursday: Run 8 km with 5 x 2 minute fast bursts
  • Friday: Recovery day
  • Saturday: (AM) 20min Cross Fit Gym session

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