Over the last week we have been focusing on comfortably running using a 3/2 breathing rhythm. This week we want to add in some speed work on of the training days (for me this will be Wednesday.)

On your ‘speed day’ the exercise this week is to warm up with a 5-10 min jog then to run two 200 metres at near your fastest speed and two 400 metres at near your fastest speed using a 2/2 breathing ratio and having a 90 second break between runs.

At the end of your ‘speed day’ you should be feeling some muscle fatigue. Take note of exactly how your body feels, where the tightness is and where muscle pain appears. This will give you an indication as to what areas need more strength and conditioning work.

The key thing to focus on this week is changing your breathing rhythm and noticing the affect this has on your running.
Don’t forget to breathe on a 3/2 ration for this weeks training sessions with the exception of the speed day.

Weekly Routine (25 km)

  • Sunday: Easy run 9 km at 75-80% effort
  • Monday: Aerobic recovery such as bike, rowing, swimming or a slow 5 km jog.
  • Tuesday: Recovery day
  • Wednesday: After 1 km warm up jog, do 200m x 2 with 90 sec rest between, then do 400m x 2 with 90 sec rest between. Run these at roughly 90-95% capacity with a 2/2 breathing ratio. Finish with a 800 m warm-down jog. (Total 3km)
  • Thursday: Jog 8 km on a route with a few hills.
  • Friday: Recovery day
  • Saturday: Leg recovery day. Upper body and core workout.

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