City2Surf 100 Day Challenge

Maintain Your Training Routine For 100 Days - And Change Your Life


Schedule: 4 Weeks to go

This week we’re going to put in a big effort. Starting this week, these next three weeks will be the most intensive part of this training plan. If you have been sticking to this training program since the beginning, you will have been building your base conditioning...

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Schedule: 5 Weeks to Go

Kick Starting Your Training With five weeks to go, it is time to put a big effort in and focus on increasing our stamina and speed. If you’ve missed a few weeks or you’ve slackened off, it is time to refocus and reset your training goals. So what can you do if you...

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Schedule 6 Weeks to go

Training is getting more difficult as we fight the Winter mornings - but this is where you will make the most gains because this is where most people begin to flounder. Frankly, I think the hardest part of training for the Sydney City2Surf is getting out of a warm bed...

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Schedule 7 Weeks To Go

Focus on improving your running cadence. We are starting to get into the serious part of the program and it is time to step our effort up a notch. You don’t want to get too comfortable with jogging 'day in and day out' or your performance will plateau. There are a lot...

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Schedule 8 Weeks to Go

After a few weeks of sticking to your routine, you have probably begun to notice a number of small changes in yourself; in your weight, your level of fitness and your general state of being. Sure, the runs get faster, longer and harder, but I find that the hardest...

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Schedule 9 Weeks to Go

Introducing Speed I am a slow runner. By that, I mean that my leg speed is slower than the average person. This week I’ll be focusing on increasing my cadence (the speed I move my legs). In all of my runs this week (and from this point on) I will be doing speed bursts...

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Schedule 10 Weeks to Go

With 10 weeks to go, if you intend to run the distance, it is time to get serious about training. In 10 weeks time after the City2Surf we can all relax on Bondi Beach, but for now – winter is here; so now the training starts to get more challenging. Colder nights and...

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Schedule 11 Weeks to Go

Over the last week we have been focusing on comfortably running using a 3/2 breathing rhythm. This week we want to add in some speed work on of the training days (for me this will be Wednesday.) On your ‘speed day’ the exercise this week is to warm up with a 5-10 min...

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