Let the Challenge begin… and I’ll see you on August 14th on Bondi Beach.

This first week will be easy for some and challenging for others. There is a broad range of people in the group that ranges from regular runners who want to improve speed and endurance to people who have never run in their adult lives.
I’ll do the best I can to ensure that the 100 Day Challenge will cater for everyone.

Our First Weekly Challenge

One fundamental mistake a lot of people make when training for a fun run is that they don’t realise that time on your feet builds muscle strength and cardiovascular capacity; whether you are running or not.

If you do a 5k run but sit at a desk all day, your total number of steps you take per day may only be 7,000. We want to maintain 10,000 steps as a minimum at this stage of preparation. For the runners among you, make sure you too are reaching at least 10,000 steps a day including your running sessions. The idea is to build muscle and cardio conditioning gradually, so we’ll all finish without injury.

Pedometers come in all sizes and types from old fashioned ones like this to wristbands and phone apps. The choice is up to you.

Pedometers come in all sizes and types from old fashioned ones like this to wristbands and phone apps. The choice is up to you. I’ve got a FitBit, so if you want to connect with me on the FitBit app please do.

It is well documented that we should be walking a minimum 10,000 steps a day to maintain our physical health, but how many of us do?

If you have a pedometer, now is the time to use it, if you haven’t got one, they are fairly inexpensive. No matter whether you are a seasoned runner or a complete beginner, let’s start be measuring how many steps you do on an average day. (There is method in this madness!)

If your stride was one metre, then 10,000 steps a day will take you 10km. Now, your stride is probably less than that; but it may not when you are running.

This week I’d like you to start by getting a pedometer and measuring how many steps you take every day. Put it on when you get up and check your score when you go to bed.

This first week, let’s all get used to taking at least 10,000 steps a day – Every Day.

For the runners, I’d like you to stick to your current routine this week, but also wear the pedometer and measure the steps your do.

You may get to the end of the day and find you need to do a few thousand steps to reach your daily target. If so, get outside and go for an after dinner stroll.

I told you it would start off very easy.

Happy Challenge 🙂

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